We officially announce that Insight Sales is a HubSpot Platinum Partner in the Solutions Partner Program!

But what does that mean?

It means that our strategists with over 10 years of experience in sales tools, in particular with the implementation and management of HubSpot's CRM, have now been officially sealed by the company's partner program.

Learn in this article why hiring a HubSpot partner ensures a faster, more organized implementation process, and accelerates the learning and adoption curve by the sales team.

Why implement a CRM (and why HubSpot's is a good choice)?

Research shows that 73% of sales professionals use technology to close more deals. Additionally, salespeople using a CRM (customer relationship management) shorten their sales cycles by 14%. These are data that cannot be ignored. Therefore, choosing the right tool and implementing it wisely can revolutionize your company's results.

Over the years, our experts have tested a variety of CRMs and marketing automation solutions. In this journey, we identified three main characteristics in those tools that proved to be relevant in the success of our clients. Let's talk more about them below:

1. Easy measurement and data in real time: the sales tool of your choice must be able to measure all the data with high precision and in an accessible way, making it easy to read and provide business insights.

2. User-friendly: The tool of your choice should also be easy to use by all stakeholders, from technical people to salespeople who are just starting out in a data culture.

3. Functionality ecosystem: The tool also must allow CRM data to be used simultaneously for marketing automation (and others). Ideally, marketing, sales and finance should work together in a single tool, with all the data integrated, thus promoting a high degree of synergy between teams. The platform should also allow easy integration with other tools (such as Insight Sales' dataviz platform) so that your salesperson doesn't have limitations in the automation process.

HubSpot is a tool that meets all these criteria to a high degree.

For that reason, our partnership with HubSpot creates greater value for our customers who feel the need to ease this transition to a more data-driven routine.

What are the advantages of adopting a HubSpot implementation consulting firm?

A CRM consultancy should start evaluating your data, strategy and processes, determining tactics and assigning the right KPIs for your business.

Our goal is to drive ROI at every stage — and the implementation plan will detail the cost savings and returns at every step of the process. 

Our work doesn't end until your sales team is trained with the best practices and processes, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and the complete adoption. The services we offer to drive adoption include data-driven methodology implementation, training and coaching.

In addition, having a HubSpot consulting partner will bring several other benefits to your sales team, such as: 

1. Correct and organized CRM implementation

‍The implementation of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) must ensure the centralization of all communication that has taken place and will take place between a company and its leads and customers.

Therefore, the CRM implementation process is not as simple as logging in. In other words, CRM is not just another app you have to maintain. It's a tool that powers your sales processes from the beginning to the end of the sales journey. To obtain these benefits (and many others), your CRM must be deeply embedded into your customer relationship culture, and for that you will need good professionals who know how to correctly set up this platform from the beginning and make it work for your team. 

2. Adapting the CRM to your processes

‍Your processes and workflows have brought you success. So when choosing a CRM, you need to customize its settings based on these successful processes. For this reason, your consulting firm needs to ensure that the CRM adopted works for the team, not the other way around, and the Insight Sales diagnostic phase will ensure that these steps are taken.

3. Simplified backup and migration of existing data

‍It can be data from other CRMs, information from spreadsheets or other tools (or a combination of all of these), you need to make sure that this data is safe and recoverable even if something goes wrong during the import process into the new CRM.

At Insight Sales, this import process is done quickly and securely, in the correct formats, with custom fields to categorize leads and customers accurately, making future data entry easier for your team.

4. Data-driven training of salespeople

An important part of this process is making sure everyone is confident enough when it comes to using your CRM.

CRM training combines proactive workshops with individualized resources (such as pre-recorded videos and a written knowledge base).

Also includes: 

  • Determining goals with each employee
  • Customer journey mapping in the tool
  • Measuring results through key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Monitoring the professional adoption curve

5. Lower cost (our clients do not pay for the implementation and onboarding process)

Subscribing to HubSpot's software includes an annual or monthly fee (which is worth paying). However, a HubSpot partner may offer these services at a lower rate, and this is the case for Insight Sales customers who do not pay for the implementation and onboarding process. 

To properly use and organize the HubSpot, you would also need to hire an in-house sales ops team. This hiring comes with additional financial obligations such as recruitment, training, salary and other costs. You can avoid these costs by hiring Insight Sales who will do all the implementation, migration and organization of the data and Sales Funnel at a much more affordable cost.

6. Faster sales results

Some companies remain struggling to get results long after they've hired sales tools. This happens because it is not possible to obtain all the technical knowledge in the first few months of use without help. Additionally, there are frequent updates in the tool that your in-house team may not be able to effectively keep up with.

A HubSpot partner will make up for this gap because it's our business to understand these tools. We deal with several accounts every day and that is why this adaptation will be much faster in your company with our help, ensuring more objective training regarding the use of CRM for your team. Our expertise will make it easy to get results in a faster way.

7. More focus on goals

A company's relationship with its customers needs to be built responsibly and with a focus on ROI. A HubSpot partner like Insight Sales that has this approach will have solid plans for achieving goals, including periodic reviews of processes and results. This results in a better ROI with minimal oversight from your in-house team, which gives you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

8. Better adoption of the tool by salespeople

Salespeople unfortunately are not using sales tools frequently. It is not easy to engage the sales team in the use of CRM, which is why it is essential to hire a partner to work this data-driven mentality with employees.

Otherwise, such circumstances can destroy the good flow of the process, as well as the correct follow-up of deals in the Sales Funnel. Inconsistency in sales data has a severe negative impact and outsourcing these tasks to a HubSpot partner will provide the necessary boost to your company's business routines.

9. Access to the most modern techniques on the market

With the advent of technology, the sales sector has become a constantly changing industry, but the majority of inside sales professionals don't have the time to catch up with all the new technologies and methodologies. The size of the business can also make it financially unrealistic to have or test the latest tools in the industry.

However, our role is to keep up with the latest trends in the sector. Hiring us will ensure that you get the best out of softwares like HubSpot, and you won't have to keep an eye on what's worth and what's not in terms of technology and methodology that appear on the market daily.

10. A more efficient Sales Funnel

The CRM should perfectly mirror the sales funnel of the sales team, tracking leads as they move closer to becoming paying customers.

Therefore, when implementing a new CRM, your Sales Funnel should be accurate so that it can help automate the closing of sales, keeping salespeople informed about the needs and behavior of prospects.

Properly automating each stage of the pipeline in the CRM will definitely improve efficiency and will generate more business for your company, and Insight Sales will analyze your sales cycle to build the ideal funnel that will take your business process to the next level.

What is the Hubspot implementation process by Insight Sales like?

If your sales team is migrating from a spreadsheet-based model, or already has a database of leads and customers, one thing is for sure, you will need to get a clear 360° view of your prospects, where every department in your company shares a single source of truth.

However, the sad truth is that most CRM implementations fail due to poor organization and integration process. The consequence of this is a lack of team engagement in the use of the tool, in addition to a decentralization of business objectives, as the data becomes inaccurate to make good use and generate insights for decision makers.

To avoid this scenario, Insight Sales will organize the HubSpot database to support your business operations. Through this configuration, we enable your company to prospect and sell to leads at scale, with automation of sales processes and tasks.

We'll provide best practice advice, training, and guidance to your sales teams on how to use HubSpot CRM to track and manage any interactions or communications you may have with your potential and current customers.

HubSpot knowledge + Industry insight = implementation success

For the HubSpot implementation to be successful, businesses need to focus as much effort on the sales process as the marketing process, as well as their lead engagement journey.

That's where Insight Sales comes in. With professionals with more than 10 years of experience working with sales and marketing consulting in the most diverse sectors, including the implementation of systems in companies in different countries, we take advantage of our experience in understanding business models to configure CRM systems with best practices that align with your business strategy.

We understand your pain points and challenges and, more importantly, how HubSpot needs to act in order to get more and more results.

We combine our broad HubSpot insight and market knowledge to provide companies with a tailored approach to achieving sustainable results.

By partnering with us, you gain access to:

  • A leading consultant with first-hand marketing and sales experience in your industry
  • Organization and preparation of your data for the migration process
  • Full tool migration and implementation, including Hubs of interest for your teams
  • Strategists who will track your metrics and seek continual review and refinement, and ongoing training

And that's why we not only advise our customers along the entire sales funnel that is being worked on, but also offer concrete solutions for the future of their business.

Get fast results and no data loss! Talk to us about our HubSpot CRM migration and implementation services.