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More performance for sales teams

Have a more dynamic, automated and data-driven sales process. We organize your CRM, Sales Funnel, data and KPI's, and we do a complete salesperson training program to ensure goals are achieved every month.

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Sales results in one place

Integrate your CRM with the Insight Sales platform and access all KPIs and sales results in a centralized dashboard. Don't waste your time tracking information and creating reports, and focus on generating insights to make smart decisions.

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Premium recruiting service for Sales, After-sales and Marketing, including job description and posting, interview process, application of tests, and Role Playing.

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CRM implementation

We organize your leads and contacts into one centralized CRM. Our HubSpot  implementation process is tailored for your Sales, After-sales and Marketing departments, and is made simply, economically and quickly.

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Client Cases

Fiscalizare Case Study

260% increase in sales in 5 months

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"Through a quick and assertive analysis of our results and data, we were able to detect sales bottlenecks and optimize our results with the help of Insight Sales."

Leandro Markus
CEO - Fiscalizare
Boleto Simples Case Study

27% increase in sales in 4 months

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"Together, we achieved a 21.43% increase in opportunities and a 27.27% increase in sales in just 4 months of strategy! Compared to the same period last year, there was a 30% increase in sales!"

Rafael Lima
CEO - Boleto Simples
Bee Creative Case Study

200% increase in sales closing rate in 3 months

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"By structuring the sales process, organizing the management of KPIs and implementing an assertive forecast, it was possible to make better decisions regarding business planning, such as setting quota, hiring staff, adopting platforms, and more."

Bruno Normanha
CEO - Bee Creative
Scal Case Study

317% increase in closing rate in 4 months

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"With the help of Insight Sales, we were able to train the sales team, to create a more scalable and replicable process, and consequently increase the conversion rate at the end of the sales funnel."

Thiago Gadelha
Sales Manager and Product Manager - Scal
Proesc Case Study

40% increase in meeting volume in 2 months

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"With the help of Insight Sales, we implemented the Outbound Marketing process as a new sales channel to ensure more performance in the sales team."

Marcos Moura
Sales Director

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