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Sales Consulting Services tailored to help you hit your organization's goals, and have a more dynamic and scalable sales process.

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What challenges are you facing today?


You need your sales process working fluently, and with the correct monitoring of KPIs.


You need to implement technologies that really make a difference to your business and team.


You need to sell more, with quality, and hit sales quota with predictable revenue.


You need to train your sales team to improve results, evolve the sales pitch, and become data-driven.

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How does it work?



The consulting process begins with a deep understanding of your current scenario and goals, including: study of the current Sales Funnel, KPI's, product or service, pricing, tools, prospecting process, ICP, sales pitch, Sales Enablement methodology, and sales results. 



Based on the diagnosis and needs of your sales team, we take action, including: redesigning the Sales Funnel according to the bottlenecks of each stage, implementing OKRs, KPIs and OPIs and career progression plans for each employee, implementing the prospecting process, handling of the hiring process (including SDR's, BDR's, LDR's and Sales Executives), development of a new sales pitch, training and onboarding of salespeople, and hiring and implementing relevant technologies.



After completing the implementation stage, and with all the steps of the new playbook defined, we will continue to train the team and monitor their evolution, including their correct adoption of the new processes and the potential growth of sales results.

More benefits of hiring Insight Sales


We map and deliver a complete sales structure in less than 2 weeks.

Data Intelligence

With the help of our Sales Analytics software, we build personalized sales plans to scale the operation of our customers.

Save money

Your sales data ready to be consumed, and your team trained, without investing in In-House Recruitment.

Any questions? See our FAQ!

  • Question 01

    Does the sales consultancy service indicate the usability of software?

    Yes. Using or not using sales tools in the process, Insight Sales evaluates the best way to adopt technology according to the company's scenario.

  • Question 02

    Does the sales consulting service include the execution phase?

    Yes. Our consultancy service works as an interim sales leader on the team, actively participating in the implementation of new sales strategies.

  • Question 03

    Is there a cancellation fee?

    No! We work with a contract with no termination penalty. The consultancy will only continue if the customer is satisfied.

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