Sales Analytics Platform

The platform is a product that complements the sales consulting service, ensuring easy access to your results.

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What challenges are you facing today?


You spend a lot of time
collecting data from your
CRM to create reports


Your team adopted a CRM,
but does not use it correctly


Having trouble keeping up
with KPIs on a regular basis


Can't quickly and accurately track the Sales Funnel bottlenecks

We can help you

How does it work?
1. Effortless reporting

You no longer need to collect data and information from your CRM and Spreadsheet to create reports from scratch. Our platform automatically extracts this data and translates it into a Sales Funnel with KPIs represented in a visual dashboard, ready to be presented, and in real time.

2. Error mapping

Find out in a few seconds where your sales team's bottlenecks are, and have a better understanding of your operation.

3. Integration in seconds

Integrate Insight Sales with your CRM in a few seconds and clicks. No help from developers or robust APIs.

4. Add as many users as you want

Allow your team to constantly monitor the results and have more involvement with your goals and KPIs.

5. Yes, we integrate with your CRM

Talk to us to understand how we integrate with your CRM.

More benefits of hiring Insight Sales


Our platform is designed to give you fast insights about your operation.


Our technology protects data and keeps the company in compliance with the law.


Our user-friendly dashboard was developed to ensure a quick reading of the results.

Any questions? See our FAQ!

  • Question 01

    Is the Insight Sales platform a CRM?

    No. We are a Data Visualization (DATA VIZ) platform that integrates with your CRM, ensuring the monitoring of business health, team performance and process effectiveness.

  • Question 02

    How does the integration work?

    The steps are very simple. With a few clicks you can do the integration process without the help of an IT professional.

  • Question 03

    Is there a penalty clause in the contract?

    No. Insight Sales is a Plug and Play platform, so it is a simpler contractual model, and you just need to sign a "Term of Use" that includes cancellation without a penalty.

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