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Premium recruiting service for Sales, After-sales and Marketing, including job description and posting, interview process, application of tests, and Role Playing.

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Your recruitment process is not specialized enough


Cannot reach the best candidates in the market


Need to hire top performers to leverage your results


Your company suffers with turnover

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How does it work?

1. Analysis

Analysis of your company's hiring needs and assessment of the best professional profile to fill the position.

2. Description

Job description and posting, and analysis of the best candidates for the testing and interviewing phase.

3. Interviews

Phase of interviews, tests and profile analysis of candidates to select the finalists.

4. Selection

Selection of the ideal candidate and definition of documents and future plans.

The Best Talents
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*Quick hire and less chance of turnover

Any questions? See our FAQ!

  • Question 01

    What is the Insight Sales hiring process like?

    We combine the know-how of more than 10 years of hiring in the Sales, After-sales and Marketing areas, with the work of algorithms to find the ideal candidates.

  • Question 02

    How do I know if the selected candidate is the right one for my company?

    Insight Sales will conduct an interview to understand the basic requirements of the ideal candidate as well as the company culture so that the hiring process is more likely to be successful. The client's company team can follow the entire hiring process if they wish.

  • Question 03

    How long does it take to find a candidate?

    It depends on the position, but in an average of two weeks we have already managed to find an ideal talent for your company!

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