About Scal‍

Scal is a complete management, control and marketing platform focused on generating results and evolution for professionals in the health market, mainly physiotherapists.

Scal has already been used by more than 12,000 health professionals throughout Brazil, and offers efficient resources for the safe management of any business in this market.

The challenges

Thiago Gadelha, Sales Manager and Product Manager at Scal, sought in a partnership with Insight Sales a way to train his sales team, create a more scalable and replicable process and consequently increase the conversion rate at the end of the sales funnel. . To achieve these goals, we divided the actions into stages according to what was set as the focus of change in the company's sales process.

Follow the steps taken towards success with Scal's results:

➔ Challenge 1: Create a scalable and replicable process

To scale and evolve any business or sales process, it must be consistent and repeatable. Below we describe the actions we followed in partnership with Scal to reach this level:

Actions: First, it is essential to carefully evaluate the data of leads and customers to ensure that they are in usable condition. This is where we organize this information into the CRM system and ensure clear data entry policies that contribute to scalability. When using data in analytics to make business decisions, this information must be accurate and this requires using rules to standardize how data is entered into these systems. Without this, there is a risk of producing duplicate records, making it difficult to obtain a revealing scenario from the results.

Also, without this important action, salespeople end up wasting a lot of time digging through CRM data and spreadsheets for inaccuracies and duplicate records, rather than focusing on selling.

Maintaining accurate data is undoubtedly an essential component of sustaining scalability. In this way, organizing Scal's data was the priority in the consulting process.

➔ Challenge 2: Improve Sales Funnel Management

It was also diagnosed that Scal would need to focus on advanced stage opportunities. But to do that, you had to manage the entire sales funnel to ensure the right activities were taking place at each stage of the sales cycle, allowing your marketing and sales teams to drive actions as efficiently as possible.

Actions: With the implementation of sales tools, funnel management has become much more agile and beneficial to the process as a whole.

Improved management and visibility across the entire sales funnel allows your team to be more proactive, and be able to see process bottlenecks in time to take action towards better results.

➔ Challenge 3: Empower the sales team

High-performing sales organizations are those that invest in the development of their teams, this is no secret. And with Scal it was no different.

Adopting proper sales training is important for several reasons. This training should have a focus related to the company's needs. See the development of Scal's training actions below:

Actions: Sales training provided by Insight Sales focused on 3 development factors:

• Evolution of sales methodology: A key component adopted was training in closing techniques to improve speech and negotiations. In addition, techniques for anticipating and overcoming objections were taught through role playing with salespeople.

• Development of analytical thinking: More than focusing on the individual aspects of the position (such as prospecting and making sales calls), good sales training highlights the importance of functions such as tracking daily activities, keeping accurate records and analyzing the number of closures. This information can help the salesperson better manage their time, improve organization, and determine areas that need improvement. The training included teachings on the use of adopted software that automated the process and helped to save time spent on manual work.

• Evolution of the personal profile: Through the analysis of the professional profile, it was possible to point out in 1:1 meetings the strengths and weaknesses of each employee so that they could be worked on throughout the partnership.

➔ Challenge 4: Evolve the conversion rate at the end of the sales funnel and increase sales

Boosting prospecting work to improve lead generation is no easy task for marketing and sales professionals. But optimizing the end of the sales funnel – where an opportunity turns into a loyal customer – is an even more special challenge.

At the bottom of your funnel is where potential customers are ready to make a purchase decision now or sometime in the near future. Scal and Insight Sales saw an obstacle at the end of the sales funnel as a major bottleneck, so our actions were taken based on this focus.

Actions: Scal had attracted potential customers, nurtured these qualified leads, and taken them all the way to the bottom of the funnel. Now we needed to focus on closing these deals, moving the end of the funnel better and consequently improving sales conversion rates.

The audience at the bottom of the funnel is much smaller, which means you need to narrow your focus and be specific. At this point, you had to be very strategic to give leads that final push, as at this stage, leads are reviewing their options.

With Scal's process already scalable and its sales team trained, we work with leads at the end of the sales funnel with a strategy that is now definitive and more likely to hear the long-awaited “yes” from customers.

The result was a 317% increase in the close rate in 4 months of strategy!

Next steps

With results growing exponentially, the next step will be to hire new people for the sales team who will be able, after the onboarding process, to meet Scal's growing demand.

With a forecast now more accurate, it is necessary to ensure that there are enough salespeople on the team to adequately meet the demand and not overload other employees, offering high quality service and ensuring an even greater number of possible new business.

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Effective sales processes increase conversions, turn more prospects into closed deals, and ensure that all of your salespeople provide consistent, positive customer experiences, no matter who they're talking to.