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Proesc is a startup that provides a complete management solution for schools, covering financial and administrative, pedagogical, and management aspects.


Proesc already had an inbound marketing process in place for their sales, but due to unstable results and increased customer acquisition costs (CAC) caused by the pandemic, a new strategy was adopted. With the help of Insight Sales, they implemented an outbound marketing process as a new channel to improve sales performance.

Marcos Moura (Commercial Director) and Lorena Botelho (who followed the process and is now part of the sales team), our points of contact at Proesc, monitored the entire implementation of the outbound process, as well as the training of the pre-sales team, the measurement of the sales funnel, and the subsequent training of the salespeople. Follow Proesc's successful journey!

➔ Challenge 1: Implementation of the Outbound Process

Leads are the foundation of any sales operation, and you already know that. They are the fuel that keeps the machine running.

But if you always rely on potential customers to find your company on their own, it will be harder to build a robust lead generation and consistently predict your sales every month.

With this in mind, the path to implementing the outbound process at Proesc was divided into stages. Let's go through them!

Actions: Outbound practices are only as powerful as their implementation plan in the sales process. Therefore, we developed a step-by-step process that allowed for a constant evolution of the commercial area routines, but that was simple and did not burden the team. The steps were:

1. Identification of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The basis for success in outbound sales is to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

It is basically understanding which niche your company is positioned in and focusing on that segment when prospecting.

As one of the leaders in its market and with a well-metrified process, Proesc had already documented its ICP well, which facilitated the start of prospecting, as it would not be necessary to test the market to find the correct targets.

2. Initiation of the active prospecting process

With the ideal customer profile documented and a list of qualified leads "in hand," we went into action.

Since the education market is one of the most complex in terms of prospecting, based on our over 9 years of experience and also on the know-how of professionals inside Proesc, we focused on cold calls. Adopting this channel and training the SDRs team made it possible to gain traction in the channel.

Much of the training execution focused on role-playing (prospecting simulations in this scenario) to adapt the team to the different scenarios that could happen in the market.

At the same time, we built qualification and objection matrices to facilitate the absorption of knowledge by new team members.

Cadence flows were also aligned to determine a successful work routine, ensuring the maximization of connection rates.

3. Use of sales tools

The outbound process starts with creating lists and can be very laborious if done manually. But fortunately, there are several tools that help sales teams automate the entire process of collecting contact information, qualifying them, and progressing them through the Sales Funnel.

We analyzed Proesc's tool stack to suggest changes in the flow within the CRM and also in the Sales Engagement solution used.

Determination of tracking metrics in the Sales Funnel

It is crucial to determine KPIs and evaluate the evolution of the Sales Funnel for a constant analysis of success (and also bottlenecks) in the outbound process, and that's what we did at Proesc.

We structured a cohort analysis to determine the timing of closing created opportunities and structure goals more assertively.

These new routines were implemented in less than two months, and today, the Outbound process represents almost 40% of Proesc's new revenue!

➔ Challenge 2: Sales Team Training

With the implementation of Outbound routines in Proesc's sales, it was necessary for the sales team to be aware of their new responsibilities and progress in actions that would ensure constant improvement in results.

Pre-sales is an invaluable step for many businesses. Managing this first point of contact with the customer brings enormous responsibility. If done well, it can lead to the best type of business partnership. Therefore, training was provided for pre-sales professionals to ensure that these initial conversations were more proactive in discovering opportunities, and thus filtered with quality for teams further ahead.

From pre-sales training, the team was able to use their position of trust, respect, and knowledge about the Proesc market with leads to expand business in a comfortable and consultative way, including strategic follow-ups and the development of cold calls and cold emails.

The sales team was also trained through role-playing to develop their speech skills, objection handling, and closing techniques.

Through these actions, it was possible to achieve a 40% increase in appointment volume in just 2 months!

Next steps

To keep the new actions on the path of evolution and ensure that the result remains at an excellent level, the onboarding of several new pre-sales and salespeople is being monitored, with constant evaluation of the team's overall development.

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