About Bee Creative

Ad agency Bee Creative plans strategies and works with all communication disciplines, from classic advertising to emerging channels.

Bee Creative is also part of LEAG - the largest group of agencies in the world -, in addition to being a Google Partner and partner of APP, CENP and Amcham Brasil.

The challenges

Bruno Normanha, CEO and partner at Bee Creative, sought to quickly leverage the results of the commercial area in an organized and structured way, basing his actions on KPIs.

Bee also sought to implement a more assertive sales forecast to ensure data-based decision making, focusing on setting goals, establishing budgets, and many other variables that would impact the company's revenue.

To organize the business process, data and KPIs, Bee Creative contacted Insight Sales, and based on the initial diagnosis, we defined the following actions throughout the project:

➔ Challenge 1: Structure the business process and organize the management of KPIs

Firstly, we focused on generating leads, and training and monitoring the team, as Bruno had already informed us about conversion rates.

As the work evolved, we structured the tracking and understanding of key performance indicators (or simply KPIs) part. In this way, it was possible to have a 360° view of the organization, facilitating the analysis of points of success and improvements that could be made so that sales numbers could evolve.

Actions: We focus on generating leads, training and monitoring the team, in addition to measuring Bee Creative's indicators to initiate actions.

With the business process and Bee Creative data mapped and organized, it was easier to follow the bottlenecks in the process, enabling an immediate improvement of tactics based on strategic decisions.

➔ Challenge 2: Implement an assertive sales forecast

Actions: Sales forecast is nothing more than the forecast of the amount of new customers and/or sales that a company has the potential to conquer in a certain period of time. In other words, Bee Creative sought, through data analysis, to predict its revenue in the short, medium and long term, in order to find better opportunities and solve obstacles in the Sales Funnel in a timely manner.

For this, some KPIs were considered for the business (now already determined in the previous stage), among them: average ticket, conversion rate and average value of closed contracts. Analyzing these KPIs and the evolution of the sales process, it was possible to assemble an assertive sales forecast that generated revealing insights for Bee Creative, from the ideal value of a contract for sale, to understanding the maximum discount that could be offered.

Knowing the potential for future revenue and also the costs throughout the process, it was possible to make more assertive decisions regarding business planning, such as setting goals, hiring staff, hiring relevant automation platforms, and much more.

The result of these actions was a 200% growth in closings in 3 months!

Next steps

“What can be measured, can be improved.”

To monitor the goals and the success of the action plans, the implementation of KPIs and forecast management were fundamental. With sales strategies fully aligned with the KPIs, a constant analysis of the results is performed so that trainings are carried out, new sales speeches are adopted, among other strategic actions aimed at the growth of Bee Creative's revenue.

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Your company can find many benefits in managing indicators and implementing a sales forecast. Among them, guarantee a scientific and tangible assessment of how your company is doing, without guesswork, to guarantee more constant and palpable results.

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