SDR Outsourcing

We provide a complete scalable SDR team to our clients. No matter how many people are necessary in your operation, we will build your prospecting team in less than 2 weeks.

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What challenges are you facing today?


No way to prioritize
prospects effectively


Not enough qualified
leads to schedule meetings


No structured way to
approach new prospects


Inability for sales teams to
measure what works and
doesn’t work

We can help you

How does it work?



We do a discovery call to understand your industry, product/service, and sales process (including tools and methodologies).


Content & Training

Working together with our content strategist, we will develop the Email copies and LinkedIn templates, and start to train the SDRs with Insight Sales proprietary methodology.



Start of the prospecting process.

More benefits of hiring Insight Sales


We map and deliver a complete prospecting structure in less than 2 weeks.

Data Intelligence

With the help of our Sales Analytics software, we build personalized action sales plans to scale the operation of our customers.

Save money

You will have a complete and professional prospecting team, with the advantage of saving money and time in HR and Management processes.

Any questions? See our FAQ!

  • Question 01

    Do SDRs speak english?

    Yes, the SDRs must be English speakers with higher education and previous experience as salespeople/SDRs.

  • Question 02

    Do SDRs have expertise about my business market?

    Yes, it is not allowed for any SDR at Insight Sales to work with an industry they do not have any knowledge about.

  • Question 03

    Does the Outsourcing service have a closed scope?

    No, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to our SDR processes. So, our team makes sure to review and adjust the process tailoring it to your needs and objectives.

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