About Fiscalizare

Fiscalizare is one of the best tax consulting companies in Brazil. Its focus is to help organizations with Simples Nacional and Presumed Profit regimes to be more competitive, recovering improperly levied taxes.

There are already hundreds of clients in the portfolio and more than 200 million reais recovered in taxes!

The challenges

Leandro, CEO and founder of Fiscalizare, understood that the best way to increase revenue (more than investing in marketing campaigns) was to improve the conversion rate.

In addition, with the desired growth in his sales planning, Leandro knew he would need an extra arm to ensure the follow-up and preparation of his sales team with a focus on this evolution.

From this scenario, Insight Sales started the actions that would guarantee an exponential growth of results.

➔ Challenge 1: Increase in sales conversion rate

Fiscalizare's first challenge was to move the final stage of the Sales Funnel, focusing on improving the conversion rate.

Solution: With the implementation of the Insight Sales tool, it was possible to improve the organization of internal data and see that the conversion rate was lower than expected according to the number of leads arriving via Inbound and other channels.

With this precise diagnosis, it was possible to develop several actions, including changes in the stages of the Funnel, adoption of campaigns to recover leads that were considered lost, as well as reactivation of deals, and sales training to improve the closing speech.

The result was a 260% increase in sales over 5 months of strategy, and a 90.99% growth in the average ticket in the same period!

➔ Challenge 2: Evolution in follow-up and forecast management

Linked to the results presented, two other important steps were taken. The first was to rework the follow-up strategies according to Fiscalizare's lead profile, and the second was to adopt forecast management based on data analysis.

Solution: For follow-up actions, we developed a cadence flow focused on increasing the chances of contacting the prospect, generating value and engaging the lead throughout the process, and ensuring a modernized and customer-centric shopping experience.

From a broader and more detailed knowledge of the company's business progress, and supported by the analysis of sales data, it was possible to ensure greater predictability in sales based on the history of closings, thus adopting a better management of the forecast on a day-to-day basis.

Next steps

With the final stage of the Sales Funnel readjusted, and the team trained and prepared, the time has come to increase the volume of leads that arrive at the beginning of the funnel - the MQLs. Keeping the same budget, our objective through Marketing campaigns is also to generate leads that are increasingly aligned with Fiscalizare's proposals.

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