About Boleto Simples

Boleto Simples is an open banking platform for issuing, registering and managing bank slips that has been offering personalized financial automation to more than 500 companies (including Track & Field, Creditas and Senac) for over 10 years.

The partnership: Insight Sales & Boleto Simples

When talking to Rafael Lima — the CEO of Boleto Simples, we came to the conclusion that, in partnership with Insight Sales, it would be possible to accelerate the evolution of its sales processes, ensuring more scalable and predictable results, and guaranteeing the modernization of the data area in the company's sales department.

Together, we achieved a 21.43% increase in opportunities and a 27.27% increase in sales in just 4 months of strategy! Compared to the same period last year, there was a 30% increase in sales!

We know that establishing a routine that optimizes sales operations, and consequently boosts revenue, is not a simple task.

So, to understand how we generate these results, follow the Boleto Simples case study and learn how to also leverage your performance with the help of Insight Sales!

The challenges

We started the diagnosis by deeply understanding the scenario and sales objectives of Boleto Simples. With this initial analysis, we determined and listed the challenges we would work on from a given timeline:

➔ Challenge 1: Implementation of the sales ops area in the sales sector

➔ Challenge 2: Evolution of the Sales Funnel with a focus on team restructuring

➔ Challenge 3: Organization and training of the team for new routines

➔ Challenge 4: More constant and predictable revenue generation

➔ Challenge 5: Scaling and growing results

See below how it was possible to organize the routines to achieve these goals!

The solutions

One of the biggest challenges for Boleto Simples was to ensure a more scalable sales process with more predictability of revenue, and with that, sell more of the solution without requiring a large increase in staff or spending large investments of resources.

We initially determined that the work model required an automation of tasks that would hardly be achieved with manual processes. With that in mind, we took the following actions in terms of sales tools:

  • Also in 2020 (when Boleto Simples became a user of the Insight Sales platform), we implemented a CRM for recording and moving leads.
  • We integrate the CRM with the Insight Sales platform to better visualize the bottlenecks of the processes, and, with that, we guarantee insights for decision making based on data.
  • In 2021, we adopted a Sales Engagement tool to optimize the lead qualification work by the sales team.

In order to build a structured sales organization that would produce consistent results, there was a prioritization of the organization and data analysis through the Insight Sales platform.

From there, it was possible to understand the Boleto Simples sales cycle, as well as visualize where the team was most bottlenecked, acting on this pain to ensure that the Sales Funnel flowed more quickly.

There was also training for the team, who used to experience a boring routine of following up leads through various channels (Email, Intercom and WhatsApp), and manually seeking information, and now had more dynamic and technological processes to help optimize the daily work.

We know that most companies believe that to evolve in negotiations it is necessary to hire more salespeople. However, this concept does not prove to be true. Even if there is an increase in the number of sellers, this will not necessarily solve the problem of impeding conversions. It needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of Boleto Simples, hiring just one SDR proved to be necessary so that the Sales Executive could focus their efforts (qualification and closing) only at the end of the Sales Funnel.

Often, improving a business does not mean investing in a larger space or in new products, but rather empowering your employees. Having an exemplary sales timing that works in a coordinated way, where each member has a fixed and essential task is what can help your company achieve the goals set.

That said, negotiation and closing training - including role playing with a focus on the buyer persona, were performed with the Sales Executive. Coaching actions with the team were also adopted to ensure motivation during and after the changes implemented, as well as to integrate the sales team with the rest of the company.

With these steps taken, we were able to evolve more deals in the pipeline, thus increasing the total conversion rate, without having to give a great deal to the company's headcount.

As we have seen, data is vital to achieving predictability in sales. The right data can help salespeople more clearly understand what needs to be done to close a deal—a process called sales enablement. The result of this was a more predictable revenue generation and more scalable results, ensuring a real-time report of KPIs to the heads of the company, and generating more reliability in the search for these numbers.

Next steps

With the implementation of the new sales playbook completed, and with all the steps of the new commercial process set, we continue to monitor the evolution of the team and sales results, thus ensuring that the ramp-up of the sector as a whole continues to evolve in a healthy and scalable way.

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