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Connect your CRM with tools like Power BI, Data Studio
or Metabase, and have your data organized in one place.

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What challenges are you facing today?


You need to have more control
and organization over your
company's data


You need faster data reading, and a less bureaucratic analytic process


You need to spend less time
finding decentralized


You need to develop your results and visualize improvements with greater accuracy and speed

We can help you

How does it work?

1. Connect your platforms

Get more automation and fewer errors in your analyses. Reduce data duplication caused by systems incompatibility.

2. Connect your teams

More technology and less communication noise. Decrease in errors that can delay processes and cause misinformation between teams.

3. Connect ideas to results

More aggregating insights and less time wasted. Achieve realistic business goals by analyzing clean data from all sectors of the company.

More benefits of hiring Insight Sales


Simple and fast integration, just the way it has to be.

High tech

Your sales department has to be modern and connected.


Your data is protected and organized.

Any questions? See our FAQ!

  • Question 01

    What technology is used in Connect Insight Sales?

    Connect is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows communication between platforms through a series of standards and protocols.

  • Question 02

    Is it safe?

    Yes! We use encryption to keep your data safe.

  • Question 03

    What do I need to integrate platforms?

    The Insight Sales professional services team will parameterize the data contained in the platforms to ensure a successful integration.

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